Week 1 Article News

Q. Week 1 Article News (20 points)

· Individual student specific submissions of articles relative to the assigned chapter reading for the week assigned. (Chapter 1,2,3 and 7)
· Proper application of the article chosen to the weekly chapter reading relative to one or all of the chapters assigned.
· Student support for the article and specific application to chapter reading citing the textbook sections relative to the article.
Chapter 1: Critical Thinking and Legal Reasoning
Chapter 2: Introduction to Law and the Legal Environment of Business
Chapter 3: The American Legal System
Chapter 7: Ethics, Social Responsibility, and the Business Manager
Smeltzer, L. R., & Jennings, M. M. (1998). Why an international code of business ethics would be good for business. Journal of Business Ethics, 17(1), 57–66.
Q.2 Course Project (30 points)
You are responsible for picking a corporation and doing research on a published article referencing a legal, ethical, or political issue that the corporation has been alleged or found responsible for based on the article. You will need to upload your submissions, with reasoning to support how the article is relative to the chapters in your textbook.

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