Brand Positioning and the Marketing Communications Process

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Explain the Creative Strategy that you have decided to employ for your brand, in order to achieve your communication and action objectives. This should include:
State the Key Benefit Claim (form the IDU table and TCB ��short‐form’ positioning statement. [1 mark]

Explain the Creative Idea, and note the consumer insight that lead you to this idea. [3 marks]

List the media you will use for the campaign, justifying your choice of primary and secondary media
choices. [3 marks]

Determine the Brand Awareness and Brand Attitude creative tactics and describe your Attention Tactics for the media you have chosen to use for the campaign (see Ch 12). [3 marks] – (((In ch12, the Brand awareness tactics are Recognition Brand Awareness and Recall Brand Awareness. The Brand Attitude tactics are Transformational Brand attitude – for brand attitude please only discuss transformational as this is my topic)))

Please be advised that the attached word document was for the first part of this assignment and the questions given in the description of this essay order is for the second part of this assignment. The first part of the assignment was done very poorly and I am hoping for a better mark for the second part. Wishing you luck!! 🙂


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