Bloody Chamber Novel

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Please use the novel ‘Bloody Chambers as one of the sources!

Also the essay is based on answering these questions:
1: how effective is Carter’s management of time here? how much time is covered during the passage of the story? what reasons are there for this?

2: the narrator and her mother enjoy a close relationship. show how this is used to develop the plot in the following ways:
-face to face communication
-knowledge of each other which is used to influence events even when they are apart and not in direct communication
-mutual regard which leads to emulation of the mother by the daughter
-the description of the mother

3: marriage is a major theme in this story. it is presented from a number of different perspectives. look at each of these in turn:
-the narrator’s perception of marriage
-her mothers view on marriage
-the marquis’s approach to marriage as evidence by his actions, age and number of marriages
-the piano turner

4: it is often said that language is used differently, in accordance with gender. look at the way the narrator describes events and the way her husband speaks to her. how does Carter show the differences in the way they use language?

5: how is the piano turner presented to the reader? how does the language show his similarities/differences to the narrator’s husband?

6: how is the narrator’s rescue described?

7: identify elements of the story which are similar to those found in:
-fairy tales
-gothic stories
-how does Carter approach the subject of genre in ‘Bloody Chamber’?

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