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The Legacy of Futurism

Assess the lasting contributions of Futurist manifestos, art, and architecture. Is this movement beyond redemption, or are there interesting/valuable elements worth salvaging? Why has the architecture of Antonio Sant’Elia remained so influential in architectural teaching, when it is coloured by its negative associations with misogyny and fascism?

find 5 sources of the topic and provide annotated bibliography,

Provide a concise summary of the central theme of the book, book chapter, or journal article. You also should expose the author’s point of view, assess their scholarly argument, and evaluate the authority or background of the author. Additionally, make sure to convey the relevance of the annotated text to your argument, and, if relevant, compare or contrast the argument of one source to others you have already cited.

You should avoid using older sources, unless you are examining past modes of scholarship, such as art history produced before feminist writing on art. Also, use only quality sources, such as books from academic presses or peer-reviewed journals.

If you are referring to a chapter in an edited anthology, you are required to provide a summary only of the chapter, not the entire book.

Questions to consider:

-How you will be using the source?

-What does the author discuss?

-What does the author argue?

-How are these sources useful to your paper?

-Do you agree with the source? How does it support or contradict your argument? -Is the author agreeing or complementing another source in your bibliography?

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