Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System

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Essay Outline

I. Introduction Paragraph – (Funnel Style)
Write a funnel-style introduction: do not include information about your topic, but write only general statements.

II. Body Paragraphs (add extra paragraphs, supporting ideas and examples/details you need)

Body Paragraphs A

1. Why was the site heritage- listed?
2. What threats is the site facing?

Body Paragraphs B

1. which groups/governments are helping to maintain the site ?
2. What are they doing to help conserve the site?
3. In your opinion, are the actions enough to protect this site, or should people do more ? Give reasons for your opinion.

Body Paragraphs C

1. What are the future conservation plans for the site?
2. What outside factors may affect the site in the future ?
3. Do you think the site will survive?
4. In your opinion, what could the government do to make better use of this site and
preserve it ? Give reasons.

III. Conclusion (use key words)

1. Summarize your key points
2. give your overall opinion and/ or make recommendations for the future.

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