Australian law (courts heir achy) high court vs state supreme court that an enacted statute is unconstitutional

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1: It should be typed and presented in a professional manner. The typed assignment MUST be in a ‘WORD’ format (no PDF or any other format is to be used).
2 a. Font – Calibri
3 b. Font size – 11
4 c. Line spacing – 1.15
5 d. Paragraph spacing – Double
6 e. Margins – 2.54cm (all sides)
7 The title page must include:
8 a. your name and student number
b. word count

1300 words 10% leeway excluding citations, quotations, footnotes and bibliography.

Discuss why a High Court decision that a recently enacted statute is unconstitutional would be seen by a government as a more serious set back to its legislative reform programme than a decision by a judge of a State Supreme Court interpreting the meaning of a key provision in the statute in a manner Contrary to the Government’s intentions, as demonstrated by the speech of the responsible Minister when he/she introduced the proposed legislation to Parliament.

1. Research:
• You are expected to conduct your own research on the topic. There is no limit as to the number of resources that are to be used.
• You must reference your essay in accordance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC). Marks will be deducted should you use the Harvard referencing style or any other referencing style.
• A bibliography must be provided.


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