Australian Counselling

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. List at least 5 qualities of a counselling service that a client has a right to expect from a counselling organisation

. Identify Erikson’s Psychostages of Development

. List 2 characteristics of each of the following counselling methods
Person Centred
Reality Therapy
Behaviour Therapy (BT)
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Project 2
You work for a counselling organisation that uses CBT as their counselling method. A potential client, Daphne, has approached your organisation for help with her behaviour; she is the mother of 3 young children and she shouts at them whenever they make a mess in the house, which causes them to become distressed.
1. Describe the kind of client-counsellor relationship when CBT is the counselling method used
2. how appropriate is this type of helping relationship for this client?
3. Explain the key features of CBT
4. What other types of counselling issues would suit the CBT method? Explain why…
5. When exploring the issues with this client prior to counselling, it becomes apparent that she has deep-seated inferiority problems based on a history of severe abuse which is beyond your skill, knowledge, and experience to deal with. Describe what you would do in this situation
6. Identify Erikson’s psychostages of development in relation to Daphne’s history of severe abuse when se was a child / adolescent / young adult
7. Identify your personal values and describe how you could manage them to ensure that they do not impede on your work as a counsellor

Project 3
Research the background of counselling and develop a report that includes…
the purpose of counselling
how counselling has evolved
the place of counselling within the helping services
the scope of the counselling relationship including ethical and professional limitations

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