Assumptive Assessment

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1.   Compare & contrast two online holiday companies


The clue for doing well with this choice is in the heading… COMPARE AND CONTRAST!!!! Consider the different audiences for and and how they can be targeted both on and offline.

Discuss the various opportunities in reaching these segments and how they may differ. Research the lifestyles and needs of varying clusters and consider USP’s and marketing tools which will enable the companies to create and maintain loyalty. Which third party companies can assist in marketing ventures and what effect can the optimization of the sites have in each case.

Students should use examples drawn from the activities of these companies and screen shots from web pages must be included. The student should offer a critical evaluation of the websites that supports the discussion.

Essentially this assignment option is about analysing and improving the marketing, trust and reputation of existing brands. Regardless of the specific target audiences, share of wallet or current perceptions – It is not conceivable that any one brand has perfect marketing communications – so, let’s see what one brand can learn from the other in order to improve brand value and customer loyalty!

Clearly it is essential to sign up to any and all communications offered by these brands – both on and offline as

early as possible in order to build and analyse a realistic case study

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