Article analysis

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: Write an essay of 3-4 pages that sufficiently answers the following prompt.

PROMPT: Introduce your essay by summarizing “Shooting an Elephant” in less than one page. Then go on to analyze Orwell’s essay by developing several points that answer the following Questions:

What is Orwell’s thesis, what does it mean, and how does he support it? Some things you might consider as you are searching for points of development are: What does Orwell mean when he says he shot the elephant “to avoid looking a fool” (5).

What relevance does this claim have to his thesis? How successful is he in avoiding the appearance of looking foolish? Support your interpretations and conclusions with references to the essay.

Finally, Can you relate or do you know of someone who can relate to Orwell’s predicament of being internally conflicted and subsequently “caving under pressure” i.e. doing something that you didn’t want to do? Explain. How would you define fool as used by Orwell? To whom would he look foolish, and why? OTHER IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: *Formulate a thoughtful, focused clearly stated thesis *Support your thesis with a body of paragraphs that exhibit sound reasoning and analysis and sufficient and relevant support for your claims.
*Cite Orwell’s essay at least 4 times via direct quote and paraphrase, but don’t overload your essay with citations. Explain your points using your own voice and style of writing. (See PP, “In-Text Citations,” 706-7). Include a Works Cited page. *Edit your writing to ensure that it is free of grammatical and sentence errors. Use clear, precise diction.

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