Archaeological Theory In Archaeological Practice

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Doing this essay, it is critical to use the sources I provided, and demonstrate an understanding of the material. It is important that you stress significance in your answers, and pick the best possible examples. You need to do three things, do the readings, think, and convey clearly and explicitly the essay.
The question you need to address in this essay is listed following:
What is the role of theory in archaeology?—as a guiding set of principles?; as a means of interpreting the archaeological record;? as a critique of archaeological process.? Use this essay to look at theory from a meta-analytical perspective. This question requires considerable substance, not opinion, plus relevant examples.
Please use sources which I provide in the following list, plus some additional research. I need you use at LEAST 10 of following sources I provide plus two additional source (if you want). However, I want all the sources of the additional research are journal article sources.
The sources need to used in this essay you can select (I can’t provide first two books, however I will provide the rest in this list):

A History of Archaeological Thought (2nd ed.) by Trigger

Archaeological Theory (2nd ed.) by Johnson

Atalay, S.
2010 “We Don’t Talk about Çatalhöyuk, We Live It”: Sustainable Archaeological Practice through Community-Based Participatory Research. World Archaeology 42(3): 418-429.

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Cultures on the Northeast and the Northwest Coasts of America, edited by R.J. Nash, pp.
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