Arab cultural identity in the Arab countries in the context of globalization through contemporary interior design.

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Purpose of study:
To increase the sense of Arab identity for the Arab families who live in Arabic States and to see the return of Arab culture within its homeland and the minds of the people. The new generation is influenced by Western culture and language and is thus unaware of the value of Islamic art and Arabic language and the beauty of calligraphy. This study will aim to enable a new generation of Arabic people to experience the beauty and authenticity of Islamic art and calligraphy, the characters of which differ greatly from those in the Latin alphabet. The artwork aims to break the routine and silence that characterizes contemporary interior design and add some Eastern flavour. Designers have previously used printing on flat surfaces such as fabric, wood, porcelain and wall, however this artwork will present some 3D contemporary interior designs by using by 3d modeling software to draw Arabic calligraphy inintricatecompositionto call not only on the words and their meaning, but also on their movement, to lure the viewer into adifferent state of mind.

Arabian Identity: what is it? Why is it important? Why I want to keep it? Does it lose?
How can we keep Arabs identity? E.g. By combine traditional design with modern design?
How can we design contemporary interior designs?

3D printing revolution: what are the results?

You can add another points.
You should connect globalization _ identity_ technology (3D printing and soft wares modelling)


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