Anthropology Research Paper

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It can be about anything that has to do with the vikings or Japanese culture.Yes, anything! As long as it applies

to the time periods we’ve been covering up to this point in class,(3000 BC up to 1800 AD) you may do

your research on ANYTHING you so desire! Clothing, Viking religion, Japanese

food… whatever topic you choose!

This paper should be at least 1,000 words in length,

properly cite at least 3 sources (MLA),

be double spaced,

Times New Roman font

with a proper header/footer, and 1” margins (a link to Owl Perdue, and MLA

citation methods, is provided in the same section as the Anthropological


In addition, a minimum of 15 anthropological terms from the link provided in class must be included and defined within the paper, presented in boldfont (the definitions of these anthropological terms need not be a word for word definition, but rather a summary within the context of your paper).

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