Analyzing the book of Amos

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Assignment: While true biblical prophets may have some things in common, in other respects they can be quite diverse: e.g., married vs. unmarried; court prophet vs. charismatic; northern vs. southern; etc. Read the book of Amos; then, write a one-page essay in which you identify Amos’s

1) putative historical time and place

2) social context

3) fundamental human predicament from his perspective

4) resolution. In other words, what actually happens vis-a-vis his prophecy?

Write up your assessment in a well written one-page essay. As always, remember to make it as concise, complete, accurate, and readable as you possibly can.

Notes: No quotes should be used and there should be citations only from the Bible cites as: (Amos 6:10). CITE EVERYTHING! This should not be a summary of the book but a critical analysis that is concise and not plagiarized AT ALL. once again this should not be a summary but a critical analysis answering all the questions with correct grammar and capitalization please remember to capitalize Bible and God.

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