agreement memo

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Create a memo summarizing an agreement to conduct a performance assessment (sample provided, agreement.pdf ).

For this activity, draw from your experiences with GSI and use them to complete the memo. Some items in the memo you have already completed, while others you have not. The key is to provide detailed information to the client (GSI) about deliverables, processes, mutual responsibilities, and time and cost. These details are critical for a successful contracting relationship.

For the deliverables, do not list the same questions and the same deliverables as listed in the example. This will require creativity on your part—you know what GSI wants, you know what they have—now you have to describe how you will organize and present that information; as well as how you will conduct the assessment. You may say you’ve completed the first phase of assessment (the two interviews) and you plan more; or, you can say the assessment is completed (and then justify why you have all the info you need). For the process, explain how you’ve colleted data to date, and ‘make up’ other processes that you feel could contribute to the project. Describe everything very completely with details. For mutual responsibilities and time/costs, again be very detailed.


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