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Q1-2 How can computer spreadsheets (eg. Excel) be pasted into a word document showing rows and column headings? Formula views? Describe two different copy and paste methods and paste simple examples of each method in your assignment showing row and column headings, the normal view and the formula view.
Q1-3 List four web sites relevant to accounting with their URLs. Explain how is each relevant to accounting.
Q1-4 what is Second Life? What is its connection with CPAA? Explain.
Q1-5 Work Integrated Assessment. Describe the computing environment in your current or previous workplace or home office workplace – equipment, software, processes etc. If this is a task you cannot undertake, explain why you cannot – and as an alternative task, describe the history and evolution of the Internet (about 300 words).
Q1-6 Play the CPA ABC Learning movies (from Interact2 Resources or the Internet), identify and briefly explain three (3) accounting issues raised by this case.
The above set of questions are designed to assess your digital literacy and can be answered from any source including the computer sections of magazines and newspapers or by access to the Internet. If using the Internet include the URL reference. For the purposes of this subject we do not require the URL date of access.
Q1-7 Learning Objective: understanding the accounting equation.
Explain the underlying rationale for the accounting equation. What are these symbols P A L E R? They are discussed in section 2.2 of the modules in Interact (or in the Resources section). Relate them to sources and uses of funds and the double entry system. Give examples of increases and decreases in “P”.
Q1-8 Balance Sheet Equation. Spreadsheet required.
Note that Interact2 resources including Spreadsheet Advice and the worksheet video may assist in completing this assignment question.

Q1-9 Give 4 examples each of assets, liabilities and owners equity (Proprietorship) accounts.
Q1-10 what is a chart of accounts? What is its purpose?
Q1-11 List eight accounts with normal debit balances. List eight accounts with normal credit balances.
Q1-12 Learning Objective: understand and apply the Accounting Equation
A. Create a manual solution.
B. Create a spreadsheet solution. Paste normal and formula views.
C. Change 4 numbers such that the trial balance still balances. Paste this new normal view. Ensure that you choose the 4 changes yourself. Highlight the data changes with the yellow highlighter in Excel.
Note that Interact2 resources including Spreadsheet Advice and the worksheet video may assist in completing this assignment.

Q1-13 what is accrual accounting? Give examples,
Q1-14 Why are adjusting entries needed at the end of the period?
Q1-15 List four types of adjusting entries and give examples of each.
Q1-16 You pay $240 for a magazine subscription for the next 12 months. How should the magazine company account for this transaction? Show the journal entry. Show the adjusting entry after 6 months.
Q1-17 Distinguish between the adjusted trial balance and the post closing trial balance.
Q1-18 Distinguish between current and non current liabilities. Give your own examples of each.
Q1-19 Explain the current ratio and the debt ratio. Create your own numerical examples.
Q1-20 Learning Objective: prepare a worksheet and financial reports using a properly constructed spreadsheet.
Note that Interact2 resources including Spreadsheet Advice and the worksheet video may assist in completing this assignment.
Create a ten column worksheet and enter this data. Also your spreadsheet will create the financial reports. Change three numbers to create a second version of the spreadsheet. Highlight the three data changes in yellow. Paste the two normal views and one formula view. Use the IF function where ever appropriate.



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