About book "The Graduate

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In the opening pages of “The Graduate”, Benjamin Braddock does not resemble a typical literary hero. Yet through the course of the novel we see him transform into a motivated and energetic protagonist. Come up with your own definition of what it means to be a protagonist, including some of the common characteristics of grea t protagonists, and examine how Ben evolves into a character who fits your definition.Benjamin Braddock from Charles Webb’s novel “The Graduate” was not a classic protagonist at the starting of the book, but just like other protagonists, he starts to grow as the story goes on.


-“ “I don’t know!” Benjamin said. “But everything—everything is grotesque all of a sudden.””(P12)

-“You’re the first— you’re the first thing for so long that I’ve actually liked. The first person I could actually stand to be with.”(P143)

-“Get out of my way,” Benjamin said.”


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