A new method for antiviral testing.

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Discuss my result in details in TCID50 experiment the TCID50 is 106.875 in 1ml which equal 103.875 in 0.1 ml discus it if its high or low TCID50 by compare it with other studies.

The pcr result of 105 virus concentration as compare it with the standard

The TCID50 result of the infected cells by Hsv-2 virus added to them different Acyclovir concentrations. Discuss the result for all different concentrations. It was given 50% non- infected with 40.96 microgram/ml acyclovir concentration and the following concentration was 10.24 microgram/ml with one well –ve, 2 out of 8 very week cytopethic effect and 5 wells +ve , the lower concentrations gave +ve result, discus this result by argue with other studies keep in mined the inhibition acyclovir concentration (0.01 to 9.9 microgram/ml). then compare it with the pcr result for the the 1st and 2nd dilution

Compare all my results and make an argument with other studies

If pcr method could be use alternative of conventional methods for antiviral testing talk about the it is really could work from my result and what the advantages and disadvantages

What could be done if that project will be continue

Future prospective

One paragraph conclusion

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