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You are to submit an individualacademic report. Please note that your analysis and discussion is based on your own research and relevant data sources from your developed company’s product and industry. You will also need to consult academic texts and journals in order to demonstrate your understanding of relevant marketing models and theories applied, and understanding of their limitations of the theories/ models applied.
Your report should be 3000 words long plus or minus 10% which do not include references, bibliography, appendices, abstracts or tables. The following penalties apply if you exceed the word count by more than 10%;
11% -20% – 10% reduction in marks
20%- 30% – 20% reduction in marks
Over 30% – your work will be capped at the pass mark.

A copy of your assignment should be submitted electronically through Turnitin and a copy handed in to the appropriate campus office no later than the 24/04/2015. No extensions will be allowed (other than in accordance with LJMU regulations).

Assessment Criteria:
Selection, understanding and use of relevant marketing concepts, theories/models(breadth, depth, insight)20%
• Ability to select appropriate marketing theories, models and concepts
• Ability to demonstrate a sound understanding of the marketing theories, models and concepts (s) and their application to your organisation’s marketing strategy.
• The answer must include your own ideas, not simply a collection of thoughts from other writers or explanations of theory.
• Ability to make references to relevant marketing literature, and illustrations

Use of marketing theories/models tools, terminology in relation to the development of marketing strategy, etc.30%
• The ability to demonstrate the application ofthese theories and models in a realistic manner to criticallyanalyse the key marketing issues in yourorganisation.
• The ability to draw conclusions from the critical analysis and its implications to thedevelopment and achievement of theorganisation’s marketing objectives and strategies.
• The ability to critically evaluate the marketing strategy developed

Reflection and sustainability of the developed marketing strategy25%
• From the above, critically discuss the successes and the failures of your organisation and make key recommendations for alternative strategies to achieve and/or sustain competitiveness in the changing business environment. Review published research findings on strategic marketing management and comment on your evidence and your critical evaluation. This should be a reflective section. You should show that you can think critically (i.e. have a sceptical attitude and look for evidence and corroboration to draw conclusions).

Background reading and referencing 5%
• Use of a range of sources, accuracy of citations and referencing
• Sources must be fully acknowledged; a full references list must be accurately compiled.
• Harvard Referencing must be used.

Presentation and Structure 5%
• Clarity, structure, format, use of relevant illustrations, tables etc., correct label

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