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1. What is a proposed title of your project? Describe the project you have in mind. What question(s) will be answered by your research? (List and state them as questions. For example, “How can a business measure the impact of the on employee performance?

2. Why are you interested in pursuing this project? How will it benefit you?

3. How will the project benefit the field, your company, and/or another firm?

4. How will you gather information? Does it involve only extensive research from published sources? Does is also involve collecting primary data through focus groups, in-depth interviews, and/or a survey? If so, which research method will be used? How many people will be surveyed? Why will this method accomplish the research objectives?

5. What skills, knowledge, or classes are important for you to master in order to complete this project?

6. Does the project involve content in a paper that was written for another class? If so, submit a copy of the paper with this form.

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