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book to use: Third Edition
The Research Practice Connection Sarah Jo Brown
1 Choose your clinical area, determine a clinical practice problem
Clinical area is ICU Clinical practice problem is CAUTI (done)

2 Background as to the rational for choice of question Done)

3 Develop a” researchable “question Using the PICOTS method ( in chapter 11)
The researchable question is: Does reducing the usage of urinary catheters in conscious patients in the intensive care units effective in reducing catheter related infections during their stay
in ICU?

4 Conduct your search of the literature to find out the best evidence available and Assess the strengh of evidence in chapter 10 , Box 10-1 , Box 10-3

What need to be added Only whatis mentioned below needs to be done.
One more article
jugde each article using Box 10-1 page 255 of the book
Strengh of body of Evidence
1 Are the studies of the best design type for the issue being considered?
2 The quality (risk or bias of the studies and/SRs
3 The consistency of the findings across studies
4 the number of the studies
5 Were enough patients studied to be confident of the findings?
6 If an intervention, was the size of the estimated benefit in the population resonably precise?
7 Directness to health outcomes


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